South Carolina Caribbean Culture & Heritage promotes and preserves the culture and heritage of the Caribbean. Our group is open to anyone from the Caribbean or interested in the Caribbean.

South Carolina Caribbean Culture and Heritage Inc, was started in 2006. Our mission is to unearth, study, preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Caribbean.

We promote understanding and awareness of the Caribbean Culture through festivals showcasing arts, culture and education while embracing diversity.

Each year we showcase a different Caribbean country at our cultural festival. The 2008 Festival focused on St Kitts and Nevis, 2009 St Lucia, 2010 Barbados, 2011 Dominican Republic, 2012 Jamaica, 2013 Trinidad and Tobago and 2014 will be Puerto Rico and 2015 St Vincent and the Grenadines..

The Charleston Carifest is one of many programs promoted by the South Carolina Caribbean Culture and Heritage, Inc. (SCCCHI). SCCCH Inc is a nonprofit organization managed by a board of directors with an open membership to all with no regard to colour, class or creed. Our annual meeting is held in October. Membership is open to anyone of colour, class or creed.

Board of Directors

  • Lorna Shelton Beck- President
  • Erica Baly- Treasurer
  • Sonya Lunde – Secretary