Carifest Carifest June 22 - 25, 2017 Masquerade Fete Parade and more June 24, Carnival Day


June 21 – 24, 2018

Los Mamarrachos
Charleston Carifest is a Caribbean Carnival celebration in honour of Caribbean American Heritage Month. It is four days of food, fun, music, and costumes submerged in education and culture.  This is the creative and artistic expression of Caribbean people. Join in and embrace Unity in Diversity.

History of Carnival in Cuba
Whether they are called carnavales, charangas or parrandas, large public celebrations dating at least (in Santiago de Cuba) as far back as the 17th century are common throughout Cuba. However, among Cubans, the Carnaval of Santiago de Cuba enjoys a special status (Pérez I 1988:20).
The history of Carnival in Cuba has been nuanced by a wide variety of interests and influences. Based on a Herskovitsian retention model, a retardataire analysis might stress a continuous historical connection with Africa. But carnival cannot be explained only in terms of its African roots. Many of the practices and events within carnival culture are deliberately and consciously framed to connect to a construct of African’s that has resulted from over one hundred years of multicultural Cuban history.
The most important manifestations of the present-day carnaval of Santiago are the parades or street performances of comparsas. The Castilian word comparsa comes from the Italian comparire – “to appear briefly” – as in a walk-on appearance in a theatre. It can also mean a group of musicians and dancers who perform in the streets during (pre-Lenten) carnival or other festivals.

Charleston Carifest benefits Healthy Lifestyle Network, Inc.

Healthy Lifestyle Network teaches self-management techniques to adults and children to effect lifestyle changes to improve health outcomes.
Healthy Lifestyle Network conducts an annual diabetes conference, and a nutrition and physical activity event in Charleston, and the Shelton Project in Jamaica.

Healthy Lifestyle Network conducts the Shelton Project yearly in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The program works with the children of the Infant and Basic Schools on Environmental Stewardship to plant trees as well as vegetables and flowers, they learn about healthy food choices, exercise with soccer/football teams, and develop reading skills with coaches and donated books.

We also teach the teens and women life skills to improve their financial situation.

Our newest program is designed to bring awareness and prevention of childhood sexual abuse. July 2017, we hosted the first women and girls conference and conducted a Darkness to Light training.

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